A Hundred Woods is a Lithuania-based profesional timber products supplying company, established in 2004. Today, counting experience in the field since thereof, we have become a reliable partner for various companies in countries covering all Europe. We supply barrel saunas, wood fired hot tubs, barbecue huts (grillkota) , as well as other timber products, and are responsible for delivering you only high quality materials.

We believe that good service consists of two equally important parts:

While producing the product

  • We ensure that only high quality materials are being used for the end product.
  • We take care that the large part of manufacturing process is handiwork, thus ensuring the completeness of our products.

While delivering it to you

  • We comply with the deadlines.
  • We guarantee that you receive your order in a perfect state.

Are you interested in having a piece of mind while we take care of supplying you timber products? A Hundred Woods company is open to cooperation proposals from companies in all Europe.