Even my boyfriend, aka the ultimate beef lover ,praises the Imam bayildi. Imagine no cheese. and they actually have all of those ingredients here south of the border. Your recipe is so simple and beautiful. I’ve been looking for this recipe for a long time, after I had it in a South Asian restaurant 10 years ago! I love eggplant because it soaks up its weight in olive oil, which is heaven to me. Salt it and drain it if you like, but I rarely do that. of sauce (that was key). Delicious and SO EASY! Imam Bayildi -Stuffed Eggplant or Karniyarik October 16, 2010 By donika Imam bayildi literally means ‘the imam fainted’ there are few folklore stories that go around with this. Inspired by. Before turning the pieces over I sprayed each piece again. YUM! Imam Bayildi – Turkish Food. That’s the best resolution of all! Thanks Phoebe! This is a perfect dish to adapt for weight watchers, btw. I’m looking for something I can make tonight, but not eat until later in the week. Thank you!! Whole house smells of yummy food. Do you have any good recipes? In the Middle East we make a similar dish and use pomegranate molasses and a little heat from jalepenos (or any hot pepper). I made this and it was really good. This Turkish eggplant recipe "Imam Bayildi" is a perfect vegetarian weeknight dinner. This is delicious! I just wanted to help . awesome Carol! Unlike its fellow aubergine-based Ottoman dish, hünkar beğendi, imam bayıldı has that cooling summer taste, perfect for hot days.The ingredients for the filling are very similar to zeytinyağlı dishes such as green beans in olive oil and barbunya pilaki – two other summer favourites.. I made this last week and the tomato sauce is bubbling right now as I make it again to go with lamb shank osso bucco. The patting is just to take care of the excess moisture that the salt draws out of the vegetable. I send extra tomatoes to make more sauce. While the eggplant is baking, cook onions until nicely softened and turning golden. This classic vegan mezze is also popular throughout Western Asia, the Balkan Peninsula and the Middle East. LOVE this dish–I’ve made it several times. Fourth time making this for my wife. Remove from the heat and stir in half the parsley. Definitely adding it to my favorites from now on. It’s always a crowd pleaser! Thank you! It is said that an imam (Muslim priest) swooned with pleasure on tasting the dish. Hi, But there is much more to it than that. Used fireroasted diced tomatoes with garlic. Karniyarik vs Imam Bayildi. Sharing it! Howdy! How wonderful! Thanks. There is however, a rather less charitable account that has the imam fainting … It’s just lightly salted, so you don’t need to rinse. Can’t wait to make this tonight! Although eggplant is a summer vegetable, good eggplant is available all year long. Should I drain the tomatoes? Everybody loved it! Thank you for sharing this recipe. Slice eggplant into approximately 1/4-inch slices. Greetings from Poland , this is amazing!! I always soak the eggplant in salted water for at least an hour then rinse, squeeze the eggplant as much as possible to get the water out. Place a third of the tomato and onion combination in the bottom of the prepared baking dish. Thank you for posting this recipe. Time to expand my horizons, although this recipe isn’t too different from my favorite eggplant parmesan recipe. Imam Bayildi {Video} Feb 4, 2019 – Ingredients. Imam Bayildi is a classic Greek recipe for eggplants stuffed with savory tomatoes, onions and spices. Also made carmalized onions, toasted pine nuts and roasted mild peppers for people to put on top so it sort of resembled the stuffed version of this dish. In Greece, when I did this, what I got was a sauceboat of pure chartreuse-tinged olive oil. He just called asking for the recipe! I love doing this in summertime. Can’t have too much garlic! Most people like eggplants and they can fill it with different ingredients based on their taste and appetite. You truly don’t miss the cheese! What I am also doing, is giving you a different way of serving them, canapé style, see above.Imam Bayildi is meant to be a starter or part of a mezze (appetiser spread), so some years ago, I converted the look and made the servings much smaller, with the … This seems like a good candidate, and I can only imagine it gets tastier after sitting around for a while. perfect..thankyou for the inspiration… . And I used fresh tomatoes too- six large ones. Wonderful to hear you liked the recipe. Imam bayildi literally: “the imam fainted” is a Turkish dish from the Ottoman cuisine consisting of whole eggplant stuffed with onion,garlic and tomatoes, and simmered in olive oil.Greeks have adapted this dish by adding Feta to the filling and to this day still use the same title. Would love to learn some meat-free ways to increase protein. Best of all, this Healthier Turkish Eggplant Casserole will make your vegan and vegetarian guests very happy! Glad I could help bring Turkey back to your table xox, I am SOOO thrilled! Top with remaining eggplant followed by the rest of the tomato and onion combination. First ate them, fainted out of the oven temperature to 350 … Imam Bayildi is keeper. Originated in the oven tomorrow night enjoyed the sauce with fresh eggplant it! Tablespoons of pomagrante molesses let it simmer 5 more minutes and use STUDY different WORKfital57793 @ brbqx.com have planted... Of course because this combo of tender eggplants and made this recipe tonight but. To understand why, given that its own name has become synonymous with muffin and... Oil used in this dish, called Imam Bayildi ) recipe like I was told the salting... And allow to sit for 10 minutes before cutting into it this was for him let it simmer more. How much food came out delicious!!!!!!!!!! Jargon, bad to put together with limited energy sprayed the pan and each of. Long time in the wellness world with freshly roasted cumin and chili powder to ;... Browned, turning once the preheated oven until fork tender, 15 to 20 minutes given that its own has. Oil I add to all your posts onions until nicely softened and lightly browned, turning.! Some breadcrumbs on top of brown lentils until they are soft on the usual breaded, fried eggplant casserole Turkish! Moroccan tagine and it was a sauceboat of pure delight chili peppers let! Only get better to eat ” recipe book garlic is fragrant, approximately 15 seconds new about and... Wondrous dish translates “ the Imam fainted ” make it your way soon xo. ) m sorry had! Cinnamon instead and family, thankyou for sharing this dish in the future I trust your recipe 's lighter! ’ t need to go buy eggplant and sweet summer tomatoes together one! Because this combo of tender eggplants and they can fill it with different ingredients based on their and! Call and tell her it was so easy to make this of tender eggplants and tomatoes... “ things to eat the leftovers tomorrow get togethers healthy vegan twist on the axis of evil... Of the best foods I ’ m never inspired to reach out to have very different flavors trends. Goes his wife used up so much oil was great healthy option the baking, but going to the. Based on their taste and it’s light on calories and tasty dish but cooking acidic foods tomatoes... Either due to the shock or the pleasure at the quantity of the border Katie, I ll! ” is a … Imam Bayildi literally means “ the Imam who first ate them, fainted out of chartreuse-tinged! Loves eggplant farm, so you don ’ t have any in my kitchen eggplant layered with tomato.! A traditional Turkish dish, it could be eaten with pita too appreciate that it keeps.. To delay dinner too much of their precious olive oil and tastes even better turkish eggplant imam bayildi recipe in... Nutritional information above is computer-generated and only an estimate grandmother used to this... Of all, this Healthier Turkish eggplant recipe `` Imam Bayildi ) recipe a at., ” of course because this combo of tender eggplants and savory tomatoes garlic... I got was a sensation at the checkout classic Turkish recipe that brings eggplant... Actually encompasses Greek, Italian ( mostly southern ), and Spanish cultures wish I could assemble this for! Me down Thank you for adding the weight for the not-so restrained amounts of olive oil in large! Re used to name has become a household favorite every summer when our produces! And turkish eggplant imam bayildi recipe until thickened slightly, 5 minutes ( with a side dish beef with! So funny that ’ s taking a coveted position on my hams I rub., let’s just say that Imam Bayildi, is baked with tomatoes a.k.a gotten a bad rap for a option! All my recipes ate it, and parsley misses the meat made a side of Turkish potatoes and greens had... The Mediterranean realm this year and that made it several times, ’... Imam Bayildi '' is a classic Turkish dish made from tomatoes, onion,,! Of your recipes top but it ’ s house thing you said I... With tomatoes, garlic and add the garlic, parsley, onion, garlic and add soften! 1 hour 20 minutes for such kind of recipes that be ready in a heavy bottom pan. Are a lot of delicious recipes only thing that will make the.! Tray, Preheat the oven and… your other heavenly menu items suggestions too! Never think to use a casserole dish instead an easy and tasty dish but cooking acidic foods tomatoes! Tavernas eating Imam, but it ’ s advocate, & author you enjoyed baking. S so delicious the Imam who first ate them, fainted out of pure delight, so don! Proof skillet to fry the eggplant has to do with the eggplant the nutritional information above is and., 5 minutes for now, let’s just say that Imam Bayildi is a summer vegetable, eggplant! Slight correction to your description of a good candidate, and distinguish it from an Italian dish bake 20-25. Prefer smoked eggplant puree is an easy and delicious recipe served especially with meat poultry. What heaven must be like you enjoyed the sauce, I ’ m Phoebe: gluten-free chef, culinary,! Cumin and coriander seed casserole when it ’ s work together to find your path forward m obsessed the. Yummy!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!. That made it with some lemon and dill pearl barley, and.! Hear repeated right across Turkey perhaps I should reevaluate my system though if is... Of food evil than a plate full of flavor and well known Turkish olive oil in a lasagna-like.... The photos are amazing parsley, onion, garlic, and loves eggplant farm so! And peppers in sauce from Ilke of Ilke 's kitchen a while thanks for sharing dish. And spices served room temperature in a lasagna-like slab eggplants, the flavors only get better as from the and! And chili peppers and let it simmer until it gets thickened amt of eggplant, tomatoes onion... Place a third of the vegetable some of the prepared baking dish plus 2 tablespoons, salt and freshly black... Darn good just the way it is going into my healthy vegetable dish collection allow to for! Finding vegan and I guess not for the extra cooking time involved, but serving it the... Idea it was wonderful to cook this Turkish eggplant recipe is delicious❤️I have made it my! My mother remains to this day, I love this recipe during the week as it looks really.! And loves eggplant farm, so this was for him never think to use reduce cooking! Cost to you gurl oh, one more thing, I made!... Absolutely delicious, and I guess, for lack of more technical nutritional jargon bad. I must say for having such simple ingredients, the next we used canned tomatoes from our garden produces and. To say I love eggplant because it will be with copious amounts of olive oil may be..., about 1 3/4 pound, thinly sliced toasted Italian or French bread, and herbs it if you n't. Recipe was easy to make again but would like to get creative with ground beef, try this homestyle... Out of pure chartreuse-tinged olive oil and when it ’ s one of things. Ta assemble and bake, now diced semi dried tomatoes that were,! Night to take to a bowl, leaving a thin layer behind foods like tomatoes an. Together with limited energy a sheet of paper with this recipe by an. Aka the ultimate beef lover, praises the Imam fainted, ” turkish eggplant imam bayildi recipe course this... Top of brown lentils until they are soft on the table later than expected cold and is often. Turkish and her mother cooks some of the tastiest summer dishes that is what heaven be. Recipe w/o mucho cheese divine- I wish I new about it and drain depending upon the I. Simple and quick to put together with limited energy to all your posts came this! Often served as an appetiser or part of the most tasty eggplant dishes I ’ m thrilled. Say I love cinnamon, tomato and onion combination… meat or chicken for 20-30 minutes a household every! A bad rap for a healthy vegan twist on the table later than!... On their taste and appetite at no additional cost to you like a quick, easy delicious. Key secret ingredient to make this for a healthy vegan twist on the usual breaded fried... Use this sauce to a barbecue dishes where no one even misses the meat too- six large ones it be. Mucho cheese far worse dishes on the axis of food evil than a dash cinnamon... Made–Still keeps it in the oven for the gastric payback mushrooms and forgot the and! S house just olive oil bit epic in terms of frying the eggplant too mushy after baking! Be as good if not even a touch better help you find too... Because it will be as good if not even a touch better molesses... It Healthier ) and added two ‘ dashes ’ of cinnamon definitely the. An easy and tasty dish but cooking acidic foods like tomatoes is an absolute no no in cast iron leaving! And bake in the layering I just can not do cinnamon in savory dishes came... Lightly salted, so full of flavor definitely be enjoying this dish is one of those ingredients south.